The environmental lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certificate for businesses that will document their environmental efforts and show corporate social responsibility. The certificate is recognized by the government through public procurement.

Being an environmental lighthouse involves systematic work on environmental measures in everyday life. The businesses meet requirements and implement measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and a good working environment. This certification has custom requirements for different industries and the certificate is assigned after an independent assessment. Annual environmental reports are provided and every three years the business is recertified.

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1. Take initiative

Did your business decide to become an environmental lighthouse? Contact us for assistance from an approved environmental fellow consultant who further helps you to meet criteria.

2. Environmental mapping

Our consultant will further assist you in carrying out an environmental mapping of your business to meet criteria in systems, work environment, energy, waste, transportation and purchasing.

3. Certification

Once the requirements are met, an independent certification vendor will approve you as a valid eco-lighthouse. You will then receive a certificate that is valid for three years. After this period, the business will need a recertification.

4. Improvement

The company must prepare a climate and environmental report annually to show improvements. Here you will get the opportunity to see the impact of environmental measures as well as continuous improvement through an action plan and actions. The results of the report is also a good opportunity for you to show both your customers and the environment the company's efforts within the environment.

Good reasons to become an environmental lighthouse

  • Take corporate social responsibility
  • Go ahead - show the world that future solutions are sustainable
  • Drive smart business management
  • Set environmental goals and create results
  • Secure approved environmental documentation for use in bidding processes
  • Reduce the company's sick leave

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