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Since its inception in 2002, Internsikring AS has improved and adapted the management system in accordance to applicable laws and regulations, as well as to the feedback from our customers.

The most common feedback is that the system must be as simple as possible, to use. In the spring of 2017, we launched our new management system Internsikring TOUCH, as one of our main focuses.

The system is designed according to today`s system requirements, both in terms of design and content. Our goal for the system is that it should be easy for everyone to use, while giving You a simpler day at work.

Our new system is customized to fit both PC, tablet and mobile devices, so all tasks can be handled on Your units, wherever You are.


With Internsikring Touch, You get a user friendly management system, that help You meet the requirements of the HSE - work and quality assurances. You and Your employees can easily keep Your projects up to date, complete checklists, register deviations, do the protectional work, conduct risk assessment, and upload photos.

Time Keeping
Internsikring Touch also includes hour guides, where the employees continuously can record hours, spent on different projects. The CEO got easy access to all hours registered on various projects, and employees. You get everything in place, in one system, and all Your employees can access the system at no additional cost.

Electronic crew list
Electronic crew lists are important for the key players on a construction site (builder, HSE coordinator, employers and safety representative) and the supervisory authorities to quickly get an overview of those who work or have worked at the building site.
In Internsikring TOUCH you can now easily check in and out on the mobile phone.

Integration with accounting modules
Internsikring AS has entered into a partnership with Tripletex that allows easily transfer the projects you create in Internsikring TOUCH system to Tripletex. The financial management is still carried out in Tripletex. This integration makes the projects more transparent from offer to invoice and it is time-saving since you can easily move you from TOUCH to Tripletex. This makes it more transparent in terms of fulfilling the various documentation requirements.

Privacy policy
We are constantly updating and adapting our Touch system to all public requirements and new laws. In May 2018 we will get a new privacy act in Norway (GDRP). The purpose is to get better control of our own personal information for all of us. GDPR mens new requirements for documentation of routines and processing of personal data.
We in Internsikring AS have worked hard and can now inform You that Touch Management System meets these new requirements.

Guidance on building applications
Touch Management System gives You easier management of Your current and upcoming projects. This also applies to the building regulations and guidance on building applications. With Touch Management System, You get the guidelines for how to comply with all requirements in practice. We are here to make it easier for You! More information about the building regulations can be found on the DIBK page.

Key Features

  • Project management
  • Time Keeping
  • Check lists
  • Order HSE – card
  • Routines - quality system
  • Routines - HSE
  • Personnel
  • Privacy low
  • Customers
  • Electronic crew list
  • Guidance on construction projects
  • Integration with accounting modules (Visma)

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