Internsikring | Quality system setup

Quality system setup

The Guide to the Building Regulations stipulates that all applicants for authorization for liability must have a system that satisfies requirements given in, or is in pursuant to the Planning and Building Act. In our management system you will find tools to comply with the law's requirements for quality assurance and documentation, and through a quality system setup you will be well on Your way.

Our experienced consultants assist and guide you through the process. This is done online while talking on the phone.

The service provides:

  • Review of procedures for independent control
  • Information on how the online management system works
  • Information on how to use and save completed checklists etc. in the system associated with projects
  • Information on how your business can tailor it's routines
  • Information about the use of other documents in the system
  • Setup of projects
  • Uploading of drawings, photos and applications

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