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About us

Internsikring AS is a consultancy company in the HSE and quality assurance business. We started out in 2002 and have since become a leading player in our field.

We are based in Bergen, where our sales department and customer service is located. The company consists of 35 motivated employees, the largest part of which is dedicated to customer service, consulting and product development.

Our goal is “a safer and easier everyday life” for our clients. We do this by developing products and solutions that are easy for our customers to use.

Our customers are divided into various industries such as construction, housing, retail, IK food, etc. and over 20 000 companies have chosen to use us as a partner.

Internsikring AS is a stable and safe company and has since its inception been steadily growing and solid accounting figures.


We have chosen not to make an app, but a mobile version. This to save space on your phone, not only because of the storage capacaty the phone takes up but also for all of the files, pictures, drawings etc. that is being saved in a project. An app also need regular update, but with a mobile version you will always have the updated version. Our mobile version is saved with our icon on your phone, so it`s as easy as starting an app.

No, we do not operate with a lock-up time since it will have no intenition of forcing our customers to stay if they against presumption would like to end the collaboration. Our most important job as the supplier of KS/HSE is to make sure to customize the system so that our customers actively use it for a more efficient, profitable and safer workday. We therefore spend a lot of time and resources to get our customers to learn how to use our system, and we deliver 12 months ongoing agreement with 3 months notice of withdrawal. Our statistics shows that only a few of our customers end the collaboration because of transition to other suppliers.

No, we chose an easy and clear structure on our system. When you get access to the system, you have acess to the whole system and all of its functions. No hidden modules, easy and clear for you.

As a supplier of quality system it`s natural to assist our customers with Central Approval and supervision. You can, of course, write and submit your own Central Approval, you don`t have to pay a consulting company to do so. At the same time we see that in a hectical workday it`s hard to find time to do this yourself so a big part of our costumers therefore wants us to take care of this for them. And we do this for an affordable price. We can also offer help with supervision, to find the right documents so that the supervision will go smoothly. We do not charge extra for this.