HSE – system audit

HSE – system audit

Internsikring AS has set up a service that assists the individual company in preparing a written routine for revision, and to find weaknesses / deficiencies to correct them. It is important to find the cause, and to prevent them from happening again.

In case of supervision, it is important to have an HSE -system that is consistent to the work Your company perform today.

Good HSE – work is profitable, and provides a better workplace, and results for the company. The cost associated with personal and pension insurance, can be reduces sharply due to fewer occupational accidents, disability and lower sick leaves.

An audit of the system includes:

  • The results from the survey, as well as pointing out errors and omissions from the last year
  • Feedback on the existing quality routines, and following up on them
  • Educational needs for the next year
  • Checking to see if the HSE – work`s been reached and to set new targets for the next year
  • Information on new requirements in laws and regulations
  • Action plan with measures for next year
  • Necessary update of document

You can order the HSE and quality audit separately, or both in a package.