Quality – system audit

Quality – system audit

The Construction Contract Guidelines state that anyone applying for approval for liability must have a system that meets requirements according to the Planning and Building Act. Furthermore, it is pointed out that enterprises should have routines to ensure regular review and updating of the system.

The main purpose of system requirements is to provide better documentation, and ensure that the end product meet the requirements according to the Planning and Building Act. It is intended that the management system should be a handy tool for the enterprise. The system should be adapted to each individual enterprise. The system should not be more extensive than necessary.

The self-control function has expired as an independent, alternative form of control, and has been replaced by a quality assurance requirement for all claim-seekers. The management and quality system will therefore be more important for implementation, traceability and documentation of quality assurance.

Review of the KS system involves:

  • Reviewing and adjustment of project template
  • Quality check of existing routines, and follow up.
  • Training needs for next year
  • New requirements in laws and regulations
  • Necessary update on documents
  • Review of procedures for independent control