We work in a targeted manner with a focus on the environment throughout our operations. This involves, among other things, sorting waste, reducing the use of paper, choosing the right suppliers who care about the environment and following internal routines to ensure well-being at work.

Our vision

Internsikring AS cares about the environment and works actively to reduce the climate footprint of our working day. We contribute to a better environment with:

  • Reduction of waste production and increase waste sorting

A tidy workplace gives us a more pleasant place to work. Good waste management in our practice highlights the company’s social responsibility.

  • Reduced use of paper

Internsikring AS is concerned that paper is used in a responsible manner. We are constantly reducing paper consumption. The paper we use is 100% recycled.

  • Health-promoting working environment

Section 1-1 of the Working Environment Act states that the working environment must be health-promoting: “The purpose of the Act is to ensure a working environment that provides the basis for a health-promoting and meaningful working situation.” Both employers and employees have an interest in the workplace being health-promoting. For the employee, it means a better quality of life through well-being and fewer health problems as a result of the job. For Internsikring AS, employees in good health are important for attendance, efficiency and quality.

  • Personnel handbook

Internsikring AS continuously works to become an even better organization for our employees, suppliers and customers. This work is based on the values that should reflect everything that Internsikring AS does at all times – in the office, in the meeting room, with the customer and out in public. Internsikring AS emphasizes taking social responsibility in relation to how the business affects people, the environment and society. This is done, among other things, by making demands on suppliers, premises and internal routines.

  • Selection of partners who focus on the environment

Internsikring AS ensures that our suppliers are sustainable. We encourage those who are not Miljøfyrtårn-certified to consider certification.


  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Choice of products that have good quality and a long life.
  • Be up to date on environmentally friendly solutions.

We are a Miljøfyrtårn-certified company

Being an Environmental Lighthouse involves systematic work with environmental measures in everyday life.

Internsikring AS takes the environment and sustainability seriously. This contributes to continuous improvement by reducing negative effects on the climate and environment, and improving the positive effects.

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