Products & services

Products & services

Our goal is “A safer and easier everyday life” for our customers. We do this by developing products and solutions that are easy for our customers to use.

  • Internsikring Touch

    With Internsikring Touch, you get a user-friendly management system that helps you meet the requirements for HSE work and quality assurance. Unlimited number of users included in the price.

    • Company documentation
    • Project management
    • Time management

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    Internsikring Touch
  • Central Approval

    Our employees got extensive experience in applying for Central Approvals and help you throughout the process. Their help is provided from the start to approved application. They follow up, and make sure You get the best chance of getting your application approved.

    • Approval classes 1, 2 and 3
    • Always updated on new laws and rules!
    • 19 years of experience

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    Central Approval
  • Course

    We offer several types of courses as well as assistance for enrollment of the theoretical and practical exam. We have extensive experience with both courses and assistance for registration and make every effort to make the process as easy as possible for you.

    • HSE - course customized for CEO's
    • Safety system user courses
    • Practical tests
    • Theoretical Examinations
    • Test Independent Control

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  • HSE-card

    We know it can be complicated to satisfy the manufacturer's requirements when applying for HSE - Card. It may be an unclear picture, unclear ID etc. that makes is difficult.

    With us, you will get a clear specified guide on what we need, to order the cards, and we do it in the easiest possible way for our clients. You will save time and do this in the most effective manner possible.

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  • Miljøfyrtårn

    This is Norway's most widely used certificate for businesses that want to document their environmental impact, and show corporate social responsibility.

    Being an Miljøfyrtårn involves systematic work on environmental measures in everyday life. The certification has custom requirements for different industries, and the certificate is assigned after an independent assessment. Annual environmental reports are provided and every third year the business is recertified.

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  • Electronic crew list

    Electronic crew lists are important for the key players on a construction site (builder, HSE coordinator, employers and safety representative) and the supervisory authorities to quickly get an overview of those who work or have worked at the building site.

    In Internsikring TOUCH you can now easily check in and out on the mobile phone.

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    Electronic crew list
  • Assistance with supervision

    We offer assistance with inspections from Arbeidstilsynet and Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet (DiBK).

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    Assistance with supervision
  • Fagbrev on the basis of work experience

    Do you have work experience?

    If you have 5 years' experience in your field, you have the opportunity to take the professional test (fagprøven) without necessarily having to attend school.

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    Fagbrev on the basis of work experience
  • Certifier

    Internsikring has an approved certifier who has a license to certify businesses according to the environmental standard Miljøfyrtårn.

    The license is granted by Certnor AS, which took over certification authority from Norwegian municipalities from October 2022.

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