We offer several types of courses as well as assistance for enrollment of the theoretical and practical exam. We have extensive experience with both courses and assistance for registration and make every effort to make the process as easy as possible for you.

  • HSE – course customized for CEO’s
  • Safety system user courses
  • Practical tests
  • Theoretical Examinations
  • Test Independent Control

HSE – system user course

Internsikring AS offer an HSE – system user course on our premises in Sandviken, Bergen.
The package includes the following:

  • HSE – course
  • Management system incl. establishment.
  • User course in the management system.
  • Introduction to systematic HSE – work in Your company.

The course lasts one day, and will kickstart the HSE – work. It will help You start to use the management system, and turn theory in to practice, for You and Your business.
Your company will benefit from the knowledge You acquire on the management system in the course.

Contact us for an overview of the next course dates.

HSE – course for CEO’S

Section 3 – 5 of the Working Environment Act states that an employer, with one or more employees, are to be trained in HSE – work. The duty is personal and cannot be delegated. Ensuring the best possible working environment can be tricky, profitable, and are legally required.

This course is based on self study, and give You an online based test. The test includes questions about the responsibilities of the CEO, as well as questions on what kind of knowledge a CEO need to have, in order to lead a sound HSE – management in the company.

You will get access to current laws, regulations, and guidelines that needs to be read, and carry out a test to Your convenience. Once the exam is passed, You will receive a certificate that confirm that Your training has been completed.

Course in independent control

Mandatory independent control in construction matters came into force 1th of January 2013. It created a great need to gain new knowledge about the matter. Do You know what to check and, and know who can perform the control?

Our course in independent control, is based on self study, and is a online based test. The test is based on the building regulations, as well as the Planning and Building act.

You will be able to access the study material that You need, and complete the test, online at Your convenience. Once the exam is approved, You will receive a certificate that confirm that Your training has been completed.

Advanced craft certificate test

Theoretical exam

The theoretical exam is an interdisciplinary exam which is held twice a year.

We assist in signing You up for Your exam, as well as supporting the study material you need to prepare for the test.

As soon as the theoretical exam is passed, you can apply for a practical exam. Once passed, you will receive a certificate and we can begin the process of applying for central approval.

Practical test

The candidate scheme applies to adults that wish to stand up to the practical tests based on practice from the workplace to achieve Advanced craft certificate.

The exam can be posted at your workplace if there is a suitable project that covers the curriculum, or it can be submitted on a test site.

To pass the practical test, you must have passed the theoretical exam, including at least 60 months (5 years) documented work experience.

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