Fagbrev on the basis of work experience

Fagbrev on the basis of work experience

Do you have work experience?

If you have 5 years’ experience in your field, you have the opportunity to take the professional test (fagprøven) without necessarily having to attend school.

This entails several advantages when it comes to acquiring a competence.

We offer:

  • Preparation for the exam by offering previous exam papers and an overview of relevant textbooks for your exam subject.
  • Help with obtaining the necessary information and guidance during exam registration.
  • Our efforts to ensure that you can take the test in your local area or at a place that suits you best.
  • Assistance in finding the right subject and guiding you in relation to it best approach to achieve the desired competence.

Taking a professional certificate (fagbrev), which is a formal recognition of your skills and knowledge in a specific subject area, can provide several benefits:

  • Career development: Diploma opens doors to career development. It can give you the opportunity to hold higher positions, gain more responsibility and increase your income.
  • Work opportunities: The qualification makes you more attractive to employers. It can help you secure a job in your chosen industry and increase your chances of employment.
  • Professional recognition: The professional certificate is a formal recognition of your skills and knowledge. It gives you and employers confidence that you can carry out the tasks in your specialist area.
  • Higher income: Skilled workers are often better paid than those without formal training. A fagbrev certificate can lead to a higher salary.
  • Job security: With a vocational certificate, you can have better job security, as you are specialized in your field and have skills in demand.

Taking a fagbrev certificate can therefore be an investment in your future career and give you many advantages in working life.

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